Field of Experience

  • To select and apply laboratory diagnostic methods according to the type of the material reaching the laboratory, the region to which it is received, and the infection agent,
  • Tests of blood, urine, gaita, throat and swabs taken from infected areas, test and discharge of tissue and body parts taken from infected areas by conventional methods with simple and complex devices,
  • Since bacteria, viruses and fungi can be found together when examining disease factors, to ensure that each of them is examined or examined separately,
  • To provide the necessary microbiological data and other appropriate information for the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of infectious diseases,
  • To diagnose disease by using microscopic examinations, cultures, serological and biochemical examinations,
  • Determination of the selected microorganism by means of antibiogram tests to ensure the selection of the appropriate antibiotic in order to perform the treatment,
  • Consulting physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases,
  • Selection and evaluation of test materials and devices to be taken in the laboratory,
  • To be responsible for the training and supervision of the auxiliary medical staff working in the department,
  • To follow scientific developments and publications related to the profession, congress, symposium, etc. participate in activities, etc. performs tasks and operations.


  • 1985 – 1991 Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine (BA)
  • 1997 – 2002 Fatih University Faculty of Medicine (Specialization in Microbiology)



Work Experience

  • 2019 – At present, Ortadogu Medical ; Mersin
  • 2007 – 2017 Mersin Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital; Mersin
  • 2003 – 2007 Mersin State Hospital (Deputy Chief Physician); Mersin
  • 2002 – 2003 Kahramanmaraş State Hospital; Kahramanmaras


  • Blood Banking and Transfusion Medical Certificate (Ministry of Health General Directorate of Health Services – 11.2012)
  • Disinfection Antisepsis Sterilization Certificate (Ministry of Health General Directorate of Health Services – 02.2009)
  • ISO 9001: 2000 Auditor / Lead Auditor Course (IRCA – 03.2006)

Seminars and courses

  • Turkish Microbiology Congress (Klimud – 12.11.2014 – 16.11.2014)
  • Microbiological approach to Intensive Care Unit Infections-Antimicrobial Management (Klimud – 09.10.2005 – 10.2015)
  • Clinical Microbiology with Cases (Klimud – 27.09.2013 – 27.09.2013)
  • National Blood Centers and Transfusion Medical Congress (KMTD – 24.11.2010 -28.11.2010)
  • Turkish Microbiology Congress (Klimud – 07.11.2010 – 11.11.2010)
  • International Health Performance and Quality Congress (Ministry of Health, Performance and Quality Improvement Department – 28.04.2010 – 01.05.2010)
  • Symposium on Health Workers’ Problems and Solutions (Health Sen-12.03.2010 – 14.03.2010)
  • Health Performance and Quality Congress (Ministry of Health Performance and Quality Improvement Department – 19.03.2009 – 21.03.2009)

National and International Professional Memberships

  • Association of Clinical Microbiologists
  • Blood Centers and Transfusion Association
  • Turkish Microbiology Association
  • Turkish Medical Chamber,
  • Health-Sen