Vision, Mission, Quality Policy & Core Values

Our Vision

As Ortadogu Medical Center in health services;

We aim to be an institution that takes ethical values, reliance, respect, dignity, the satisfaction of patient and patient relatives as a basic principle and stands out with its corporate identity.

Our Mission

As Ortadogu Medical Center;

We are a pioneer organization that provides the highest level of medical, patient-oriented and high-quality services, respecting patient rights, educating environmentally-conscious, qualified health workers, and developing itself in all health services we specialize in.

Quality Policy
  • We provide quality health service with professional staff.
  • We offer quality service at a reasonable cost.
  • We protect the rights of patients and their relatives.
  • We adopt and share the total quality management approach.
  • Improves the quality of life by offering the best diagnosis and treatment services to our patients; we keep patient safety and satisfaction above everything.
  • We raise the awareness of patients and their relatives and ensure their full participation in the diagnosis and treatment process.
  • We adopt team understanding and keep the corporate consciousness alive.
  • Creates a qualified work force by raising the knowledge and skills of our employees; we make sure that they become self-sacrificed health workers.
  • It creates the most suitable working environment for our employees; we ensure the safety by reducing the risks in the area.
  • We are a reference hospital providing diagnosis and treatment services at international standards.
  • We contribute to the development of medicine by continuously improving our service.
  • We ensure that environmental impacts are kept to a minimum.
  • We are committed to comply with applicable legal and other requirements
Core Values

We aim to be such an institution;

  • That targeting continuous development with respect to ethical values, innovation and scientific understanding in all our services,
  • Standing out with our work ethic,
  • To increase the satisfaction level of patients and their relatives,
  • Emphasizing team spirit and employee satisfaction,
  • Aiming effective and quality patient care and treatment,