Chairman's Message

We established Ortadogu Medical Center Group on the purpose of bringing the health service to our country in the international standards. From our establishment to present, we pride on breaking grounds in the health sector and providing quality health service to thousands of patient in Mersin province. Today we improve in our hospital, by combining the advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with the high technology medical devises and close attention, with the 50 doctors, 16 professors, about 400 nurses, medical personnel and administrative personnel who are specialists in their fields.

It is the biggest hospital as the bed capacity among the private hospitals in Mersin. With the Oncology Service opened in 2017, it has broken new ground among private hospitals within the borders of Mersin province and in this context, the Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Units have also put into practice within the scope of the investment of Oncology. The OMC, who has become the most preferred hospital in the Mersin province especially in the field of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, performed successfully around 6.000 Coronary Bypass surgeries and 40.000 angiographies between 2011 and 2018.

Within the scope of health tourism; while we continue our works rapidly, we work in order to get more share of the cake of health tourism in Çukurova region and by this way to contribute to regional development. Especially Oncology in particular, with the successful practices that we have realised in our departments such as Cardiovascular Surgery, Cardiology and Eye Diseases, we are carrying out attractive successful studies. The importance that we attach to scientific researches, our patient-oriented service policy, the commitment to medical ethical values, our vision of having always the best medical facilities and our quality values are indispensable for us.

The most important thing for us is that you can lead a healthy and happy life. For this purpose, we are working hard to provide you the best service.Everything is for you!

Ortadogu Medical Center Group for “Quality and Confidence in Health”.

Dr. Engin ŞAHİN